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2017 Wanderer Trainer

Manufacturer Recommended Retail Price: GBP 6,996 (2017)


The Wanderer Trainer is a high quality, hand built, G.R.P. constructed training dinghy. The GRP construction on both its hull and deck ensures stiffness together with increased long term durability.

This 14 foot dinghy has excellent handling characteristics which help to ensures that even new sailers are soon confident with the boat. With a total hull weight of under 130kg, handling the boat in and out of the water is easy. Capsize training is easy as the boat comes upright with very little effort, water is then extracted through the twin self bailers.


Length Overall:4.27m
Weight:129.5 kg
Sail Area Main & Genoa:10.68msq
Spinnaker:9.94 msq
Portsmouth No:1132


Every Wanderer is hand built by our skilled workforce, the result is that every Wanderer is built to high standards and has excellent finishes.

Each is built to your own exact specification. This can start with the choice of hull colours and may include extra reinforcement for training groups or extra location points for cruising storage tie downs.

The secret to building a good Wanderer is to find out how it is to be used and then to use the experience we have gained over many years to give a custom built product.

The boat is all glassfibre and polyester resin construction, with un-directional glass cloth and with internal stiffening ribbed structure, accidents, bumps, and damages are easy to repair when using glassfibre construction and most importantly are hard wearing and will give longevity to the boat.


This is where the Wanderer comes in to its own, as with its larger parent the Wayfarer, its outstanding sailing advantages, its roomy cockpit and with its superb handling qualities, and more importantly its stability in all weathers.

The requirement for training schools to have a boat that can stand up to the rigours of time and hard constant use is matched with this boat.

The options of roller reef jib, slab reefing, head sail buoyancy, asymmetric or symmetric spinnaker together with removable rear storage tank give this boat an advantage over its competition.

The recent changes include a new stylish cockpit, a boat that can be righted by one person. When righted has very little water left, bailers only are needed to clear the remaining water. The wanderer is one of the few boats that can be left in a mooring.

The new Wanderer is now a good runner up behind the Wayfarer for training purposes.

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