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2012 Pro Touring 500

The Sport Cruising range is aimed at lovers of all nautical sports from fishing to waterskiing and diving. For those who are looking for a boat which will provide them with the highest level of comfort, performance and security in which to practise their favourite sport.


Length Overall:4.70 - 15’5”
Inside length3.38 - 11’1”
Width overall2.05 - 6’9”
Inside width1.05 - 3’5”
Tube diametre0.50 - 1’8”


The legendary range now sports a new, more dynamic look. It comes with 3 new floats: red (PVC), black (PVC), or grey (Hypalon™- Neoprene™) depending on the model.

You also have a choice between a white or grey polyester hull and matching accessories to let you decide entirely on the look of your boat.

The PRO CLASSIC was designed to offer unparalleled safety on board. Besides its non-slip deck, the boat’s plating is higher to allow the transporting of pointed objects (spearguns, fish hooks, etc.) without needing to protect the float.

Entirely adjustable thanks to its flat surfaces, a whole à la carte range of accessories can be added. The seats, consoles or bolster offer you the possibility of fitting out your boat to suit your taste and needs.

Packages are also available including consoles and seats to match your usage requirements.


Deep V-shaped polyester hull
Moulded non-slip deck
1 bow ring
2 tow rings
Lockable bow locker
1 high volume bailer

Buoyancy tube:

Removable buyoancy tube
Strongan™ Duotex™ 2 x 1100 decitex fabric
Hypalon™-Neoprene™ fabric (optional)
Easy push valves
Polyamide lacing cuff + safety grab lines
Non-slip patch
Wide anti-chafing deflector fender
4 external handles
1 internal handle
Cone reinforcers


PVC thermobonded

Standard Equipment:

2 paddles
Foot pump
1 pressure gauge plug
Repair kit
Owner’s manual

ID: 4104