Marine Enterprises Ltd - New Engine Sales
Marine Enterprises Ltd - New Engine Sales
Units 1-3 Townsend Buildings, Melbury Osmond, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 0LP, UK
Contact:Sean Brackstone
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Marine Engines Direct is part of the Marine Enterprises Ltd group and is a leading supplier of new diesel engines, gensets, gearboxes and parts. Our team consists of highly skilled engine specialists based at our main offices and workshops in Melbury Osmond near Dorchester, UK and our parts warehouse in North Dorset.

We can provide new engine, genset and gearbox solutions for many applications including marine Leisure and Commercial, Inland Waterways and Lifeboat installations. We are also authorised dealers for Vetus, Moteurs Baudouin, Thornycroft, Shire, Bukh Diesel, Mermaid and Lombardini Marine Engines & Spares.

What makes Marine Engines Direct different, is that we can offer a competitive trade in value for your old engine, genset or gearbox combination. All we ask is that the machinery to be traded in is complete and that it was manufactured after 1980.

We will handle the collection of the items from your allocated address and the shipping to our Dorset workshops providing you with a hassle free disposal service and giving you back the time and cost normally associate with an engine refresh.

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NEW FPT N40-250 250HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £17,442UK
NEW FPT N60-370 370HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £21,577UK
4 GSCHv3 2020   £5,143UK
NEW Vetus GLX 14SIC 13.5kVA Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £13,516UK
NEW Sole 50GTC 47.6kVA 400/230V SM105 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £18,014UK
NEW Vetus GLX 14TIC 13.5 kVA 230/400V Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £13,516UK
NEW Vetus GLX 20TIC 20kVA 400/50Hz Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £17,251UK
NEW Vetus GHX 14TIC 14kVA Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £11,990UK
NEW Vetus GHX 14SIC 14kVA Marine Diesel Generator Package 2020   £11,990UK
NEW Vetus GHX 8SIC 8kVA 230V Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £9,993UK
4JH110 2020   £13,303UK
4JH80 2020   £11,317UK
NEW Lombardini LMG9000 8kW 10kVA Single Phase 50Hz Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £7,079UK
2020   £8,884UK
NEW Lombardini LMG6000 5kW 6kVA Single Phase 50Hz Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £4,682UK
NEW Lombardini LMG4000 4 kVA 3000 rpm Single Phase 50Hz Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £4,243UK
NEW Lombardini KDI 2504M-MP 50hp Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £7,732UK
2020   £9,821UK
2020   £6,280UK
NEW Lombardini LDW 702SD 18hp Saildrive Marine Diesel Package 2020   £6,420UK
NEW Lombardini LDW 502SD 11hp Marine Diesel Saildrive Engine Package 2020   £5,959UK
2020   £4,450UK
2020   £10,103UK
2020   £9,344UK
2020   £8,799UK
2020   £7,832UK
2020   £8,196UK
2020   £6,018UK
2020   £5,356UK
2020   £5,288UK
2020   £3,909UK
2020   £4,745UK
2020   £6,165UK
NEW Volvo Penta D1-13 13hp Marine Diesel Engine and 130S Saildrive Package 2020   £5,461UK
New Baudouin 12M26.3 1200hp - 1650hp Heavy Duty Marine Diesel Engine Package 2020   £122,995UK
2020   £6,827UK
NEW Vetus M2.18 16hp Marine Diesel Engine and SP60 Saildrive Package 2020   £5,964UK
New Baudouin 6M33.2 650hp - 750hp Heavy Duty Marine Diesel Engine Package 2020   £52,495UK
2020   £10,128UK
NEW Sole 17GTC 16.4kVA 400/230V Mini 44 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £10,243UK
2020   £8,040UK
2020   £4,920UK
2019   £11,332UK
2019   £12,041UK
2020   £11,995UK
2020   £7,440UK
2020   £8,220UK
2020   £8,284UK
2020   £8,147UK
2020   £440,640UK
2020   £5,247UK
2020   £5,352UK
2020   £4,887UK
NEW Shire 15RB 15hp/2800rpm Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £3,605UK
NEW FPT N67-450 450HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £27,417UK
NEW Vetus M2.13 12hp Marine Diesel Engine and SP60 Saildrive Package 2020   £5,675UK
NEW Lombardini LMG18000 16kW 20kVA 3-Phase 400V/50Hz Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £8,690UK
2020   £6,862UK
NEW FPT N60-400 400HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £23,195UK
New Baudouin 6M26.3 600hp - 815hp Heavy Duty Marine Diesel Engine Package 2020   £58,495UK
2020   £7,343UK
NEW Volvo Penta 130S 2.19 Ratio Saildrive Leg 2020   £2,995UK
NEW Baudouin 6M16 360hp Heavy Duty Marine Engine Package 2020   £18,395UK
NEW Sole 8GTC 7.8kVA 400/230V Mini 26 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £8,248UK
NEW Sole 11GTC 10.5kW 400/230V Mini 33 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £9,294UK
NEW Lombardini LMG14000 12kW 15kVA Single Phase 50Hz Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £8,031UK
2020   £5,641UK
NEW FPT C90-620 620HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £40,140UK
NEW FPT C13-330 330HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £38,307UK
NEW Shire 15WB 13.6hp/3600rpm Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £4,408UK
NEW Shire 25WB 25hp/3000rpm Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £5,735UK
2020   £6,179UK
2020   £7,022UK
2020   £9,088UK
2020   £16,636UK
NEW FPT C90-380 380HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £31,074UK
NEW Shire 50 Keel Cooled 50hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £7,234UK
New Baudouin 4W105M 130hp Heavy Duty Marine Diesel Engine Package 2020   £11,695UK
NEW Sole 25GTC 24.3kVA 400/230V Mini 63 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £12,475UK
NEW Baudouin 6W105M 185hp - 252hp Heavy Duty Marine Engine Package 2020   £15,695UK
NEW Shire 40WB 40hp/2600rpm Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £6,701UK
NEW Sole 35GTC 35kVA 400/230V Mini 74 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £13,926UK
NEW Sole 85GTC 85kVA 400/230V SDZ109 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £23,550UK
NEW FPT S30-230 230HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £14,310UK
NEW - Yanmar 4JH57 57hp Marine Engine and Gearbox Package 2020   £9,219UK
NEW Hyundai Seasall R200S 197hp Marine Diesel Sterndrive Engine Package 2020   £24,877UK
2020   £4,651UK
NEW Lombardini LDW 2204MT 61hp Marine Diesel Engine Package 2020   £9,325UK
NEW Shire 70WB 70hp/2500rpm Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £9,231UK
NEW Hyundai Seasall R200J 197hp Waterjet Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £15,781UK
NEW Volvo Penta 150S 2.19 Ratio Saildrive Leg 2020   £3,395UK
NEW FPT N67-280 280HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £18,423UK
2020   £9,608UK
NEW Shire 20WB 21hp/3600rpm Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £5,011UK
New Baudouin 6M19.3 450hp - 578hp Heavy Duty Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £33,995UK
NEW Sole 20GSC 20kVA 12V/230V Mini 63 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £12,415UK
NEW Sole 29GSC 28.4kVA 12V/230V Mini 74 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £15,378UK
NEW Sole 14GSC 13.9kVA 12V/230V Mini 44 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £10,201UK
NEW Sole 10GSC 9.4kVA 12V/230V Mini 33 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £9,294UK
NEW Sole 7GSC 6.6kVA 12V/230V Mini 26 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £8,113UK
NEW Sole 115GTC 112kVA 400/230V SDZ165 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £26,173UK
NEW Hyundai Seasall S270P 270hp Marine Diesel Engine With Volvo Penta Sterndrive 2020   £17,439UK
NEW Sole 68GTC 68kVA 400/230V SM81 Marine Diesel Generator 2020   £20,816UK
NEW Lombardini LDW 1003SD 27hp Marine Diesel Saildrive Engine 2020   £7,113UK
NEW Lombardini KDI 1903M-MP 40.8hp Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £7,307UK
2020   £10,530UK
2020   £6,780UK
2020   £7,541UK
NEW Lombardini LDW 2204SD 50hp Marine Diesel Saildrive Engine 2020   £8,971UK
2020   £6,480UK
NEW Lombardini LDW 2204SD 61hp Saildrive Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £8,971UK
2020   £6,177UK
2020   £13,242UK
NEW Shire 60 Keel Cooled 60hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £706,920UK
NEW Shire 65 Keel Cooled 65hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £6,830UK
NEW Shire 70 Keel Cooled 70hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £9,233UK
NEW Shire 90 Keel Cooled 90hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £10,564UK
NEW Shire 130 Keel Cooled 130hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £13,803UK
NEW Shire 30WB 29hp/3200rpm Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £5,785UK
NEW Shire 50WB 50hp/3000rpm Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £6,959UK
NEW Shire 85WB 85hp/2500rpm Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £10,559UK
NEW Shire 130WB 130hp/2500rpm Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £14,835UK
NEW Shire 40 Keel Cooled 40hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £6,509UK
NEW Shire 39 Keel Cooled 39hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £5,594UK
NEW Shire 35 Keel Cooled 35hp Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £5,621UK
NEW Shire 38 Keel Cooled 38hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £5,640UK
NEW Shire 30DB Keel Cooled 30hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £5,384UK
NEW Shire 43 Keel Cooled 43hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £6,331UK
NEW Shire 20 Keel Cooled 20hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £3,194UK
NEW Shire 49 Keel Cooled 49hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £6,626UK
NEW Shire 45 Keel Cooled 45hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £6,944UK
NEW Shire 15 Keel Cooled 15hp Marine Diesel Engine. 2020   £2,988UK
2020   £3,620UK
NEW Hyundai Seasall H410 410hp Commercial Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £31,980UK
NEW Hyundai Seasall S270J 270hp Waterjet Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £18,050UK
2020   £19,406UK
2020   £26,737UK
NEW Hyundai Seasall R200P 197hp Marine Diesel Engine With Volvo Penta Sterndrive 2020   £15,361UK
NEW Hyundai Seasall H380 380hp Commercial Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £31,270UK
2020   £3,639UK
NEW Yanmar 3YM20 21hp Marine Diesel Engine and Gearbox Package 2020   £5,399UK
NEW YM Series 3YM30 29hp Marine Diesel Engine and Gearbox Package 2020   £6,164UK
NEW Yanmar 3JH40 40hp Marine Diesel Engine and Gearbox Package 2020   £8,094UK
2020   £8,469UK
NEW Baudouin 6W126M 400hp - 450hp Heavy Duty Marine Engine Package 2020   £28,395UK
NEW Moteurs Baudouin 6M26.2 450hp - 600hp Heavy Duty Marine Diesel Engine Packag 2020   £45,695UK
New Baudouin 8M26.2 600hp Heavy Duty Marine Diesel Engine Package 2020   £68,995UK
New Baudouin 12M26.2 900hp - 1200hp Heavy Duty Marine Diesel Engine Package 2020   £92,695UK
2020   £7,787UK
NEW J-444TCA74 100HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £9,931UK
NEW J-444TC63 85HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £8,517UK
NEW J-444TA93 125HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £10,373UK
NEW J-444T74 100HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £8,747UK
NEW J-444TCA85 114HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £10,327UK
NEW J-444TCAE97 130HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £12,093UK
NEW J-444NA HE Keel Cooled 85HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £7,879UK
NEW J-444TCAE108 145HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £12,473UK
NEW J-444NA55 74HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £8,102UK
NEW J-444NA63 85HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £8,102UK
NEW J-444TCAE120 160HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £12,011UK
2020   £4,782UK
New Baudouin 12M33.2 1300hp - 1500hp Heavy Duty Marine Engine Package 2020   £104,995UK
NEW FPT N67-220 220HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £17,114UK
2020   £5,340UK
2020   £5,653UK
2020   £9,978UK
NEW FPT C13-500 500HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £39,640UK
NEW FPT C90-650 650HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £41,236UK
NEW FPT C13-825 825HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £54,245UK
NEW FPT N67-150 150HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £12,056UK
NEW FPT N67-570 570HP Marine Diesel Engine 2020   £39,109UK

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