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2012 Cadet Compact 300

Thanks to its fold-down rear transom – exclusive to ZODIAC® – the boat takes up very little space once deflated and can be simply stored in the specially designed bag.

This bag, with integrated handles, enables you to carry your boat in the simplest way possible – on the roof of your car or in a large boot. Setting up the boat is extremely rapid: simply inflate it, fit the oars and launch it!

Very light thanks to its RIMTEC (Reinforced Injection Moulding Technology) manufacturing process, its hull makes it comfortable and stable as well as providing excellent handling on the water. The large hollow interior allows a perfectly ergonomic seating position whilst also improving safety.


Length Overall:3.00 - 9’10”
Inside length2.02 - 6’8”
Width overall1.56 - 5’1”
Inside width0.70 - 2’4”
Tube diametre0.42 - 1’5”
ID: 4124